Who To Notify When Moving

Moving can be exciting and stressful, it can also lead to chaos if you haven’t planned properly. All of us understand the importance of getting everything organized and lined up prior to moving. Clearly, you must update your new homes address prior to moving, but who should you notify of the address change? We have compiled a list of common and not so common people and resources you should contact prior to moving.

Alert Family & Friends

Always notify family and friends when you move and change address — even the ones you may not like.  With the popularity of smart phones, social media, etc…those closest to you will know of the upcoming move. You can also wait until you are moved in to throw a house warming party, which will let them know as well.

Employer/Professional Organizations

It is always a good idea to let your employer know several weeks to a month in advance of your new move. Whether you are leaving the job or just moving to a new area in town it is important to let them know so tax documents, insurance information, retirement account information, etc.…will not be mailed to your old address. Also let professional organizations know of the address change as they may send renewal applications or industry specific information to you via mail.

Rental Property/Landlord

If your lease is up and you are vacating a rental property, it would be beneficial to let your landlord know of your new address. As you will more than likely have mail find its way to your previous rental property.

Local Post Office

The easiest and most efficient way is to either go to your local post office or submit your address change online. Once this has been completed your mail will be forwarded for up to a year after your move in date.


No one wants to move in to their new home without power or water. If you know your move in date, send in the new service application to your utility company and let them know of the date you want your new service to begin and when you want your old service to cancel. If it is the same utility company they may not charge you a fee to turn on your new service if you have a good history of making payments on time. Also make sure you let your telephone, cable and Internet provider know of the address change.


You want to make sure your car, life, health and homeowner’s insurance policies reflect your new address. Depending on where you move to, your car and homeowner’s policy rates may change due to the location of your new address.

Driver’s License/Registration

Check with your local DMV; however you will typically have 10 to 30 days after you move to update your driver’s license and registration.

Social Security/IRS

You will want to contact Social Security and the IRS about your new address. Updates through the IRS can be made through their website.

Banks/Credit Cards

Update your address through your bank where you have accounts, loans, investments, and/or credit cards. If you bank online, you should have the ability to update that information through your banking administrative portal.


All physicians should (Primary Care, Dentist, Children’s Doctors, Specialty Doctors, and yes even Veterinarian if you have a pet). Also make sure you let the pharmacy know of the address change.

Schools/Universities/Alumni Associations

If you have children that are in school, you will need to notify them of the address change, and the new school your child will be attending so they can forward your child’s school records. Also reach out to any alumni associations you may contribute too.

Voter Registration/Memberships/Clubs

You will need to update your magazine subscriptions and any clubs, gyms or organizations, including religious centers, libraries, and any charities you may support. You’ll also need to update voter registration card so you can vote at your new polling location.

Address changes can be an arduous process, but as long as you stay organized and create a checklist it can help you navigate through any move with ease.

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