Ways To Protect Your Floors When Moving

Moving is not only tiresome but can also leave some scars and cause damage— to your floor and carpets. The strain of moving the furniture across rooms usually results in destruction of expensive carpets. Additionally, the floor loses its polish or is left with move marks, which are undoubtedly an ugly sight you cannot hide.

Some Useful Tips To Protect Your Floors:

  • Place mats and rugs at the doorways: Moving items involves a lot of dust and debris which has to be kept away from the inside of the house to protect your carpets and other sensitive objects. And for that it is essential to keep it at bay with the help of welcome mats and rugs.
  • Wood flooring has to be covered with floor runners: Wooden flooring could be covered with floor runners especially if it is the staircase you’re trying to protect from the furniture marks and scratches.
  • The use of carpet masking: Carpet masking tapes are similar to plastic stretch wraps clinging strongly to the surface. This prevents any of the household items from digging into the plush carpets or ruining it with sharp edges and corners. This way the carpets are also saved from dirt coming in with the shoes and other packaged items, and accumulating in the carpets.
  • Wrap furniture legs with towels: Furniture legs are to be wrapped with towels or blanket wraps to prevent them from damaging the floor while moving. This also saves the furniture legs from being chiseled unnecessarily in all the movement.
  • Use Plywood Sheets: The plywood sheets are amazing floor protectors especially when you are moving furniture and large electronic items and other appliances which are bound to drag along the flooring. The furniture could be moved using the same plywood sheets for they provide a thick barrier between the furniture legs and edges, and the floor.
  • Slide the furniture: Furniture sliders are a great option to avoid any hassle at all when moving furniture and to prevent your floor as well. You can also use shoe booties to wrap the legs of the furniture to slide it on tiled flooring without the need of a lot of effort and it will automatically safeguard your floor. This method however, doesn’t work on carpets.
  • Cotton sheets: Cotton sheets or woolen sheets which aren’t in use could be used to protect the carpet when the furniture is being moved or packed items are placed on it. The sheets could prevent the carpet from being damaged with the debris and any stains or scratches.

Professional Moving Company

It is essential to communicate with your moving company about what you expect in terms of protection of floor and carpets and also get to know what methods they implement. If you are in need of professional movers, call the professionals at Royal Moving and Storage for hassle free and efficient moving services. Our top priority is to make sure your belongings are moved safely, professionally and without incident.  Call us today for all of your moving needs (904) 724-6683.

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