Ways to Avoid Moving Scams

Finding a moving company can take its toll, and for some, negative experiences seem to be the teacher and guide towards the right ones. This is because the market isn’t only filled with the top notch professional movers in Jacksonville, but also some companies that may be less than reputable.

Some of the smart ways you can gauge the tricks and safeguard yourself and all you possess, from the moving scammers, are:

  • Do not get too excited on too low quotations: This must ring alarm bells in your mind rather than exciting you. A mover quoting prices much lower than the market price must either be a scammer, or is in a desperate search for customers (which might also be an indicator that the mover is a scammer).
  • Get Written Estimates: One of the signs of moving scams is that when you call them for an estimate, they give you a verbal estimate based on your move without proving you with a written estimate and contract. This is often a trick to lure you into hiring them for your move. Once they arrive they can increase the estimate by 2 to 3 times, and you have no recourse outside of firing them on the spot. However if you have to move that day, you may be stuck with that company.
  • Get References-always check for complaints: This is one surefire ways to see if the company you are opting for is reliable or not. Check for the complaints filed against the moving company, if you sense it is shady, or they are less than reputable go somewhere else.
  • Browse through options: Though you might be in a hurry and it could be an absolute necessity to find a moving company right way, it is always best to browse through various options of moving companies rather than hiring the first one you come across. This way, you will not only have multiple quotes, but you can also compare services and contract terms prior to making a decision.
  • Beware of the moving company asking for hefty deposits: The demand for deposits isn’t a problem, but to pay the moving fee up front is not typical practice. This could be a good indication that you’re being scammed. They may take your money and never show up on the day of moving and you’d be the victim of the fraudulent activity very easily.
  • Insure your goods against theft: Whether or not you are hiring a moving company to move super expensive items or not, the cases of scams have reported the hostage of goods and demand for a ransom against the same by scamming moving companies. Stay on the safe side by insuring and also file an investigation report right away if this happens.
  • Ask Questions: Reputable companies have nothing to hide. Always ask for license and insurance information and validate their information. If they cannot provide this information to you, then you should never hire them.

It is always better to take preventive measures and look out for signs that indicate a scam by a moving company. Also it is better that necessary research is conducted beforehand and a moving company is selected based on their ethical practices and customer referrals.

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