Top 10 Things To Do After Moving

You found a dwelling you fell in love with; and now you have finally moved in. What comes next? What should you do after all the taxing efforts of packing your luggage have come to a halt and you’ve moved to your new place?

Moving could be exciting, and with that people often are unable to wait to get their new home set up in a spectacular manner within a day or two. However, there are some things to consider after you’ve moved to a new place.

  • Check your utilities: You can be comfortable for some time without access to the internet; but it will be impossible to live in a house without electricity, water, gas, etc. Thus, it is essential to check the house utilities right after you move in.
  • Follow your checklist for inspection: Whether you’ve hired professional moving services or have done the job by yourself, there is always a risk of losing some items during transportation. In order to prevent that, it is better to keep your checklist handy and start with inspecting all the items according to the labels on the boxes. Confirming nothing was lost in transit.
  • Start with unpacking important things first: If you think packing was a huge deal, wait till you start unpacking in your new home. It takes both time and effort, and it is better to move ahead one step at a time. Start with unpacking the essentials such as personal care products, kitchen items, major appliances, etc., prior to decorating your new house.
  • Study your spaces before setting things up: Now that you are moved in, figure out how you want to arrange your furniture. It is better to take your time with this step and place your furniture in the right spot the first time, versus assembling furniture, arrange it, then finding out it doesn’t work in the spot you placed it.
  • Make security your top priority: Locate emergency centers and check for door locks and windows, etc. to ensure everything is in the right order. Set up alarms and do this on the first week of your arrival in your new house.
  • Never ignore the cleaning process: Thoroughly clean your house upon your arrival, and ideally before and after the packing no matter how tidy it may seem. With all of the unpacking and traffic in and out of your home it will get dusty.
  • Pet proof/baby proof your house: It is an essential part of safeguarding your important and vulnerable family members and saving your households items from accidents by baby proofing and pet proofing your home.
  • Connect appliances according to their significance: Start by most important items such as stove, oven, refrigerator, washing machine etc. this will help you gradually get everything in order and functioning in no time.
  • Change postal addresses: Change postal address on all of your documents and those of your family members as soon as you settle in.
  • Look for facilities: Locate basic facilities such as hospitals, schools, parks, grocery stores, etc. near your new home.

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