Tips For Moving During The Summer

Moving During The Summer

Living in Florida the summer months mean beach, playing in pools, parks, ice cream and BBQ’s. Summer months are also the most active months for the real estate market. Whether you are renting or buying, it is the busiest time of year for moving. No one enjoys moving, especially not during the scorching heat of June through September and if you have children it makes moving all that more challenging.

Whether you are moving close to your current residence, to the other side of town, or relocating to a new city moving will bring anxiety for you and your family. Your child may be attending a new school and making new friends. You may be starting a new job and learning the city and what it has to offer. If you find yourself moving during the summer we have some tips that may make your summer move a breeze.

Hire a Moving Company in Jacksonville

Prior to your move date, preferably 30-45 days prior, you should begin shopping a local moving company. You will want to ask them questions related to their services, references, warranties, insurance & license information and a quote in writing. A reputable moving company will have no problem providing you with this information. Most importantly let the professionals do all the heavy lifting during the scorching Jacksonville summer.

Choose The Middle of The Month

Most rental leases expire around the first of each month. The beginning of each month, movers will be inundated with calls and booking moves. It may be advantageous to wait until the middle of the month to book your move if possible. Or choose a moving company a month of two out to guarantee your move date.

Organize Your Move

Moving is overwhelming. Tackling your move with a plan is always your best option. Start by acquiring the moving supplies you will need, then go room by room packing your items and labeling the boxes accordingly. It is always a good idea prior to packing to prioritize those items of most importance to be separated from the rest of the items you are packing. These items should go with you in your car versus a moving truck.

Moving is a good excuse to purge unwanted items and clean out closets and cabinets. It can also be a good way of giving back by donating those items to a non-profit organization. Always try and stay organized and if you decide to tackle the move on your own, stay hydrated.

Why Choose Royal Moving and Storage?

For over 30 years Royal Moving and Storage has been moving residents of Orange Park, Jacksonville, St Augustine and all of Northeast Florida. We specialize in residential and commercial moving services. If you are in the process of moving don’t tackle it alone. With a fleet of 8 trucks we can handle any size move. Our crews of professional movers are well versed in moving all items big and small. If you are looking for a company to handle your next move, contact Royal Moving and Storage today for a free estimate (904) 724-6683.

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