Things Top Consider When Upgrading or Downsizing

Are you happy with your current living situation? Many of us have asked ourselves this question. Whether you are single or married with a family, all of us have contemplated whether we can improve our current living situation. There are many reasons that can motivate us to consider taking the leap. Prior to making a decision on a new home or apartment, you should always consider whether or not you can budget the new move. Below we have listed several reasons why moving maybe the right decision.

Moving – Downsizing or Upgrading

Your family situation will help you determine whether you should upgrade to a larger home or downsize your home. If your children moved out and it is just two of you, downsizing is typically the best choice. If your family has grown where you have no room, your children are sharing a bathroom and the living room has become the storage room, it is time to make the transition to a larger home. Upgrading can typically cost you more however it may be worth the money by not listening to your children bicker when they finally have their own space.

Lower Cost of Living

Jacksonville continues to grow and the housing market is on the rise. With this growth typically comes hire taxes. It may be worth to look at options where you can lower your yearly tax bill by moving to another community within the Jacksonville market. You may be able to find a similar home with property taxes 35-40% cheaper a year by moving 5-10 miles away.

Better School District

All parents want their children to have the best education. If you can’t afford to put your children in private school, you may want to look at public school districts like St. Johns County, where they are rated as some of the top schools in the nation.

Better Neighborhood

Everyone wants to be in a safe neighborhood. Many people make a decision to move because they want to be in a better area of town, with a low crime rate. When you initially moved to your current home, it may have been an ideal place the live, however over the years the crime rate may have gone up, maybe your area of town is extremely congested; maybe you don’t like your neighbors. Whatever your reason for wanting to leave, it is always a good idea to research different neighborhoods and look at crime rates, registered sex offenders living nearby, school ratings, etc…prior to making your decision.

Closer to Work

Work can be stressful enough, why should you be stressed driving to and from your job. When making a decision to move, it may be advantageous to find a home close to your place of employment. This can save you money on gas and most importantly the stress of fighting traffic every day.

Closer to Family and Friends

When you are young you always want to move away to start your own chapter in life. However as you grow older and start a family, most people want to move closer to family and friends. It is not only a great way for your children to get closer with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc…but you will have local babysitters set up when you want a night out with your significant other.

Better Climate

Living in Florida we are lucky as we have beautiful weather year round. However many people up north may want to move to Florida as they can no longer take the cold winters. Moving to a new state can boost your spirits, and provide a healthier environment for you and your family.

Needing a Brand New Start

Many times people just need a fresh start. Whether you had a divorce, lifestyle change, death or any other difficult circumstance, everyone should have the right to a new beginning. Moving to a different city, state or country, maybe the answer to help you start over.

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