Social Media: What Not To Post Regarding Your Move

We are a connected society. Every day, tens of millions of individuals flock to Facebook, Twitter, or any other forms of social media to let their friends and family know about their life. It is a great way to keep everyone engaged, however it can also provide too much information to the wrong person. When you’re moving, do you really want your move announced on social media for everyone to see? At Royal Moving and Storage, we want you and your family to stay safe when you move; we highly recommend you review these suggestions about what not to do on social media when you’re moving.

Announcing Your Move Date

Moving can be very exciting, and you will definitely want to let friends and family know, however avoid posting the date online when you’re moving.  Posting detailed information of your date, time, etc…is providing a potential thief with everything they need to impersonate a moving company representative and try and snag your belongings. We highly recommend if you need to let family and friends know of your move, to contact them privately.

Home Addresses

Never post your old or new address online. You don’t want to let strangers know where you live. You never want an unwelcome visitor to come to your door. Always send out private messages to friends and family with your new home address. Or if you decide to host a housewarming party, mail invitations or send out an Evite to those you are inviting to your party.

Pictures of Your New Home

Everyone is proud of their new home, but be careful posting pictures of it online. Always make sure you hide the home address and any street signs that can tip people off of its location. Also if you do post pictures limit the amount of photos you post, as family and friends are happy for you, but posting too many can see like your gloating. If you have not closed on the house yet, do not post any photos until the closing has taken place.

No Negative Comments

In life things happen, maybe you moved because of a neighbor, or you were unhappy in your old neighborhood. Regardless of the reason, you should not use social media to berate them. It is not the right thing to do and could back fire on you. With your new move you are starting fresh, no need to bring in unnecessary drama into the picture when none is needed.

Price of New Home

Never discuss what you paid for your home or what you sold your old home for. This is personal and no one’s business as to their amounts. This can also open the door to people getting an idea as to your household income, it is better to keep that information private. If a friend or family member wants to know offline that is your choice.

Moving Company in Jacksonville

Hopefully these tips can help keep your move private, while still giving you the ability to share in the excitement of moving to a new home. When you are ready to move it is also important to hire a reputable moving company that can help make your move be stress free. The professionals at Royal Moving and Storage have been helping residents of Northeast FL move for over 30 years. Call us today for a free moving estimate (904) 724-6683.

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