How to Properly Move a Fish Tank

The soothing calmness and the soft illumination of a fish tank with various types of fish, colorful coral, water plants, and other aquatic ornaments you’ve decked your house with is something most of us want. And who wouldn’t, for all the serenity it brings to any room. But the question arises, will the peace remain intact once you plan to move?

Moving a home requires hard work and is time consuming, not to mention a bit costly in some cases as well. And when a complicated feature is added to the equation, despite the much smaller stature, it can get stressful. Below you will find some helpful tips to move a fish tank the right way:

1.     Shift your Fish First

The first thing to keep in mind is that you simply cannot, and do not have to move the fish tank with your fishes in it. Select a container which is both safe, and spacious enough to give ample room to your fish to freely move about.

2.     Empty the Fish Tank

It is essential that you empty the contents of your fish tank once you have moved out your fish. This is so you do not damage the glass tank during movement. Coral, rocks and other water features can shift during the move causing the glass to be scratched, chipped or even broken. The decoration items as well as water has to be removed from the fish tank before placing it in secure packing to move it to your new place. People who move short distances often try to move the fish tank with everything inside, which may be the easier route to take, however it might also lead to you damaging your tank. It is often better to be precautious when moving such a bulky, expensive item.

3.     Safely Preserve Plants

The plants inside the tank are living things too and need to be preserved when you are moving the fish tank along with other household items. Store the plants in small plastic pots or place them in bags ensuring that the roots remain moist so they aren’t damaged, especially if it is a long move towards your new place.

4.     Pack your Filter

It is important to keep in mind to avoid leaving your filter in the fish tank as you plan on moving, regardless of the distance. It is ideal to pack the filter in sealed container to prevent any bacteria reaching it or any other problems that may arise due to rough handling. Heaters and other accessories need to be packed for moving the fish tank safely to another place.

5.     Safely Disassemble the Tank

It is when you have emptied the contents and drained the water from the fish tank that you can safely disassemble it. Some of the designs are elaborate making it a complex process to disassemble them, while some are easy to manage. In case of difficulty, you can always seek help or hire a professional.

With a few simple steps, you can easily move your fish tank without damaging the tank or the fish, so that you may set it up again in your new home. Also it is important to know that when moving long distances, it is often better to seek the advice of professional fish shops to learn how to properly pack, move and secure your fish and fish tank.

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