Moving In Together, Things To Do To Have A Happy Home

Are you in the process of taking your relationship to the next level? At this point there is a lot to consider. This is a big step in any relationship and needs to be discussed and thought out thoroughly by all parties. Below are some tips to consider when moving in with your significant other.

Move in together for the right reasons

Never make a decision to move in with your significant other because of convenience. This is a horrible reason to move in with someone. Also saving money on rent each month is likewise a terrible reason. Living with someone full time is a lot different than casual dating and should really be thought out. As with any situation a lease is involved and if things don’t work out, one of the parties could be solely responsible to the lease. Your idea of saving money has just backfired and it could put you in a bind financially. So remember if you are looking to merge lives, talk out the situation and make the decision around the relationship rather than convenience. Also set expectations right out of the gates so that there are no surprises.

Handling Finances

Finances are the facilitator of most divorces in this country, so prior to making the big move together have a detailed and honest conversation around your finances. Prior to signing a lease, packing, calling movers, etc…discuss and anticipate all of the expenses that will be incurred and talk through how they will be covered. Are you splitting the bills 50/50? Do you have a system in place to make sure things will be paid on time? How will you split the cost of groceries? Whose name will be on the Utility accounts? Thinking through these questions and talking out responsibilities and budgeting together will help you both set proper expectations of each other.

Setting Expectations

As with any relationship communication is key to a happy household. Now that you will be sharing a space together you will need to discuss each other’s responsibilities. Workout a schedule together for cleaning, laundry, groceries, trash, etc…Have a conversation around responsibilities and how you both would like to run your household. You will now be sharing a space so what you deem acceptable your significant other may not.

Decorating Your New Home

This can be challenging. Men and women typically differ to their approach to decorating a home or apartment. Men go for the minimalistic approach, typically very little furniture, no pictures on the wall, a lamp and a big screen tv. Women on the other hand will accessorize curtains, bed spread, color scheme, pictures, candles, etc…Compromise is the key to getting through decorating your new home. It is important to discuss and agree on a common aesthetic to guide your decorating choices for your new home.

Both Names on Lease

Since you are moving in together it is fair that both of you should be on the lease. This will help each party feel like they have equal say and equal investment in your new home.

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