Moving A Short Distance

Moving a house is often a taxing job, regardless of the distance. However, in case of a short distance, there could be a lot going on in your favor. Such as the absence of super long trips, this also means that you may go for more frequent trips at a lower cost.

Some of the basic tips that need to be kept in mind while planning to move to a short distance with your belongings are:

  • Go organized: First and foremost you should be organized when you start with the moving plan for a short distance. This helps keep things in order and keeps you efficient. Box labeling is paramount for this task.
  • Collect ample boxes: When you plan on moving to a short distance, chances are you are going to be in need of a good amount of boxes depending on the amount of your household items and since you might be moving yourself, it is better to start collecting or ordering boxing at your earliest. Reusing boxes is an amazing idea if you have a habit of stacking them up for storage.
  • Pack all the emergency items in one handy bag or box: If you haven’t had a moving experience, make task a priority. You never want to move all of your belongings, and then come to the realization you can’t find your tooth brush, toilet paper, medicines, etc…You will spend hours tearing through boxes trying to locate all of your necessary items. Rather to make your life easier pack all of your essential items in one box, bag or suitcase and keep that separate from all of your other boxes.
  • Make inventory lists: It is not only essential to label all the packaged items but also to make an inventory list, whether you are hiring a moving company (very essential in that case) or doing it by yourself. The idea is not to miss out on anything at all and keep track of what is kept where when unpacking.
  • Evaluate your need for moving trucks: Since you are moving to a short distance, it might not be an absolute necessity to evaluate the need for a truck. You can pack your items and take a minivan instead and if that could be done, no extra expense needs to be incurred over transportation.

It is also a good idea to delay the delivery of any of the large purchases to your new location to ensure they don’t arrive right at the time of moving or shortly before your moving date. Moving a short distance is not a very big deal but it shouldn’t be taken lightly either, it takes some basic essentials to make it a hassle free experience.

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