Moving A Safe Properly

Moving a safe is often one of the major tasks when shifting places and a very important one. Moving requires a lot of heavy items to be transported, and a safe being often adds to the complexity of the process. This tricky job requires caution and some useful tips to help you pave the way through the task of moving it.

  • Get help if you can: You plan to move the safe on your own which shouldn’t be a problem but then again, the professionals know the art of it and can handle it better. And if professional help isn’t sought, then some help must be required; that of family members or friends. This is to avoid any mishaps as safes are no joke and could be very heavy and tricky to handle single handedly.
  • Acquire safe moving equipment: It is important to acquire safe moving equipment, keeping in view the safety concerns for your own self and the safe itself. A heavy duty dolly should do the task with convenience without putting too much strain on you. Without this, it could very taxing and might lead to injury.
  • Empty the safe: The structure of a safe is heavy in itself and with added load, it becomes too much of a task to move it on your own. One important tip to keep in mind is to always make sure you empty the safe before moving it to another location.
  • Pave a path before moving the safe: In order to safely move your safe, it is important to make a path for its exit and subsequently, the entry to the moving vehicle. This prevents the safe from being damaged or anyone being hurt in the process of moving it.
  • Make sure the path is clear: Always make sure there is no one near the safe when you move it. Accidents can and will happen. It is important to make sure children and animals are far away from you when moving a safe.
  • Don’t forget to safeguard the floor: This is to create ease with moving the safe and to make sure your floors and walls will be free from damage.
  • Go slow with your steps: It is important when you are moving a safe on your own, to take one step at a time. This is to avoid any injury to yourself and your home

We always recommend due to a safes sheer weight and size, that you either have multiple people helping you or better yet, hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you. The most important thing is your safety and if you feel that the task is beyond your ability, then you should always call a professional moving company to assist you. At Royal Moving and Storage we have been helping residents in Jacksonville move for over 30 years. If you are in need of a safe to be moved call us today for a free estimate (904) 724-6683.

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