Moving During a Major Holiday

If you are selling a home you cannot predict when you home will sell. It could be the next day or 10 months down the road, this is why it is so hard to predict when your moving day will be, and when to contact a Jacksonville moving company. Since your actual move date is not written is stone, it could fall prior to a major holiday. This can definitely complicate things, however you don’t have to miss out on the holiday cheer, and you can still celebrate the holidays by following these simple tips.

Research Rates – Moving Company

Make sure you check with your local moving company regarding potential rates during major holidays and weekends associated to those holidays. This way you can verify rates around those holidays, without any surprises in the event your move day falls on a particular holiday. Also make sure they are available to move you around that time, as a rate is good to know, but if they are unavailable it does you no good. If you can have them send you moving quotes, so it gives you something to reference. Also make sure you start the packing process in advance. This will help alleviate a lot of stress.

Traffic Patterns

If you are moving to a more populated area of town, ask your local city about changes and/or delays in traffic due to a previously scheduled parade or other scheduled holiday events. On your moving day the last thing you want to deal with is road closures, significant traffic or detours. If you do find out there is an event and your route will be affected, it is best to reach out to your movers so they can plan around it.

Babysitter, Family Member or Friend

Moving with children is never fun, however if you move falls on a major holiday (ex: Halloween) you could ask a babysitter, friend or family member to fill in for the trick or treating. This will give you a few hours to tackle the moving and your children will not miss out on the fun.

Look for Holiday Activities

Moving is very stressful, it may be worth it to plan a day for the family as soon as you have moved in. If you are moving to a different city, or a new area of town research what holiday activities may be taking place. Spend time with your family and take a day to not stress over unpacking. This can also help you get a better idea of what your city has to offer.

Don’t Stress Over Decorating Your Home

Moving can be overwhelming enough; don’t burden yourself with decorating your home for the holidays. If you have just moved in, focus on completing your unpacking rather than adding more tasks to your list of things to do. Additionally, your home will be put in order in due time, don’t beat yourself up that you have boxes and trash littered throughout the house. With time, your home will be well organized and everything will be put in its place.

Postpone the Party

Never put yourself on an unrealistic deadline. If you have just moved in, you are more than likely exhausted and will not have time to throw a party or celebration, especially if it is right around the corner. So just postpone it. A holiday or birthday celebrated a few days or weeks later will not lessen the importance or make it less fun, your family and friends will definitely understand. Delay the party until you are fully unpacked and feel you are ready to host a party.

Local Movers

Royal Moving and Storage is a Jacksonville Moving Company that has serviced northeast Florida of over 30 years. If you are moving during a major holiday and need help with moving and packing and unpacking services feel free to call us for a free estimate (904) 724-6683.

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