How To Identify A Moving Scam

Moving can be exciting, especially after closing on your dream home or moving into a new apartment. The last thing on your mind when calling a local mover to set up your move date is getting scammed by the company you are hiring. Prior to hiring a Jacksonville moving company learn some of the more common scams that are being run by less than reputable moving companies.

Who’s That Jacksonville Moving Company?

It is unlikely that you will ever meet the movers you hire prior to your move date; however this is where your due diligence comes in, to make sure they are reputable. We recommend you do your research online to make sure they are a legitimate moving company. Look at reviews, years in business, look up their DOT#, and if you can go to their office to make sure they are not a fly by night business and they have a physical location. Prior to hiring also make sure they are not a 3rd party that feeds your information to another moving company. Make sure the company you hire is the company that will be conducting the move. The day of the move make sure the moving truck has the company name displayed and their DOT #.

No Contract – No Service

With any company you hire to perform a service for you, you will always want to have something in writing. When hiring a Jacksonville moving company, make sure you get a written estimate and a contract for their services. Having a paper trail always makes sense. If the contract seems vague or amateurish be concerned. Make sure the contract has everything itemized as to what you are paying for and the moving companies responsibilities. Also never hire a moving company that is not insured. You always want to make sure your belongings are protected. Prior to signing anything ask questions regarding the terms and if there are any additional charges that can be incurred with your move.

Weight vs Volume

Some of these scammers play a “bait-and-switch” game. They state the price is based on weight, but then you get a bill based on volume which can alter your price significantly. Don’t fall for this, and always make sure they have how they are going to charge you in writing, this way they cannot deviate from the terms.

Holding You Belongings Hostage

Another scam some companies play is providing you a cost and then letting you know during the move they underestimated the cost, and they will need to charge you more. Often times they will hold your belongings hostage or will put your items in storage until you pay the difference.

Low Estimates

Be wary of low estimates. If you get a quote that is much lower than other estimates be careful. Many moving companies play this game where they will provide you with an extremely low estimate and then they will tack on additional fees for to make up for their low estimate. Often times this turns out to be more expensive than your other quotes.

Movers in Jacksonville

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