Guide for Moving to Jacksonville

So you’ve planned to move to the gorgeous city of Jacksonville Florida? According to a recent article by Forbes, Jacksonville is listed as the 5th best city to find work. Not only are their employment opportunities, but Jacksonville is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, beautiful beaches, large military base and pristine golf courses.

Some of the major aspects to keep in mind when moving to Jacksonville are:

  • Get accustomed to living in a huge city: If you are moving to Jacksonville from a smaller city, you’ll be surprised to know how long it takes (approximately 45 minutes without much traffic) to cover the distance of one end of the city to another. Get accustomed to living in a densely populated city (12th largest in population in U.S.A).
  • Find a neighborhood to live according to your needs: From historic to contemporary neighborhoods, Jacksonville welcomes the residents –to-be with open arms to embrace any type of locality they please. Some of the renowned neighborhoods of Jacksonville are:
  • Riverside: Has beautiful streets, parks and comfortable areas, this is ideal for young professionals who are on their way to their jobs in the downtown area. It is also a great place for local nightlife.
  • San Marco: Ideal for all age groups. San Marco is replete with trendy bistros, clubs and art galleries, etc.
  • Orange Park: Located on west side of Jacksonville, this area has a large military base. You will find young families in and around Orange Park.
  • Northside: The Northside neighborhood is complete with entertainment options such as zoos, parks etc. Ideal neighborhood for families with kids and also is said to be a go-to option for those moving to Jacksonville for the first time.
  • Beaches: The beaches consist of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach. Typically when someone moves to the beach , they never cross the bridge (also known locally as the “ditch”) to go to town. You can find great food, clubs, nightlife, golf courses and shopping at the beaches. One of the fastest growing areas of town.

Some common names such as Ortega, Springfield and Brooklyn are also renowned neighborhoods to find an ideal home, in Jacksonville. These neighborhoods are filled with recreational activities such as galleries, festivals, Broadway productions, and hip-hop art as some of the common ones.

  • You can enjoy tropical weather: Jacksonville prides in having a tropical weather all year round which makes it an amazing tourist destination. The summers can be hot, but you can beat the heat by going to one or our beautiful beaches. The winters are typically mild with no snow to shove. You can always enjoy outdoor activities typically year round.
  • Cost Effective Residence: At Jacksonville it is not very difficult to purchase or rent a property and the cost of living is relatively cheap compared to many other metropolitan cities in the U.S. This makes it an affordable option for many.
  • Healthcare service: The healthcare services in Jacksonville are also some of the top in the country. With the huge names such as Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Hospital Jacksonville, and Baptist Medical Centre.

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