Choosing A Reputable Jacksonville Moving Company

Moving is not only stressful it can also be overwhelming. That is why hiring a reputable moving company in Jacksonville is so important. It can relieve your anxiety, while letting someone else do all of the heavy lifting.

You should never trust just anyone with all of your belongings. Hiring the right moving company should always be your top priority. Below we have listed some questions to ask yourself prior to hiring a local mover.

What are the Warning signs of a less than reputable moving company?

If the price provided sounds way too good to be true, it is a red flag. Many of these so called moving companies like to play bait and switch games. They will quote you something over the phone, but never provide you with the fine print of additional fees for (stairs, distance, loading route, etc…), this will make the price go up. If they did not provide you with a contract then it is your word against theirs. Unfortunately when this happens you don’t find out until you are right in the middle of your move and now your items on their truck become the bargaining chip.

Always have them clarify their price over the phone, make sure you ask them of any additional fees assessed, and get the contract sent to you for further review.

What are the signs of a reputable moving company?

A reputable Moving Company in Jacksonville will have a good presence online with a substantial number of reviews. Do your homework and see what their reputation is like online. Go to websites like Angie’s List, BBB+, Google+, etc…to see how consumers’ are rating their service. A reputable moving company understands the importance of quality service and works diligently to gain positive reviews online.

Another good indicator are years in business. No company regardless of industry will have the ability to stay in business if they provide bad or shady service. If a company has been in business for 10+ years it is probably safe they are doing the right things.

How can you be proactive?

As with anything in life, planning ahead can be the difference between a great experience or a horrible experience. If you plan early you can research and shop around to different moving companies. Figure out which questions you want to ask them, and schedule an onsite visit. Were they on time for the estimate? Were they running late? Did they provide you with a detailed estimate? The moving company you hire is responsible for your items, make sure you are comfortable with who you choose.

What if the moving company asks for a deposit?

It is common for moving companies to ask for a small non-refundable deposit, which will hold the date of the move. However in the event they ask for the full amount upfront that should be a red flag.

What if you have been scammed?

When hiring a moving company you should always get the name of the office manage or owner. This way you have a point of contact in the event something goes wrong. Make sure you also have a signed contract this way the price is agreed upon prior to the move. However if you have a negative experience, your items were damaged or something else occurs and the company refuses to take responsibility for any mishap you should first try and resolve the issue directly with the owner. If that doesn’t work go to the BBB or take your dissatisfaction to Social Media or any directory listing where you can voice your displeasure.

Choosing the right Jacksonville Moving Company

Use your instincts. Scammers are easy to spot, if it doesn’t feel right move on to the next company. If you go by 3 simple rules it can help you avoid being scammed.

  1. Ask for the companies Motor Carrier number, DOT Number or some proof of licensure. This should always be the first question. If they are unable to provide you with this information stay away from them.
    Royal Moving and Storage license information (IM# 426, DOT# 1472849).
  2. Research the customers online reputation. Whether you go to the BBB, Angies List or their Google+ listing. Reviews can be a good indicator of how they treat their customers.
  3. Years in business. As we discussed earlier, if the company has been in business for over 10+ years, they are more than likely a pretty safe bet.
  4. If you have purchased through a realtor ask them who they use. Since they are in the business of selling homes they often times can point you in the right direction.

At Royal Moving and Storage we have been the trusted Moving Company in Jacksonville for over 30 years. We specialize in residential, commercial and relocation moving services. If you are in need of a free estimate contact us today (904) 724-6683.

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