10 Tips for Packing Your Garage

A garage is often that place of the house which people put off to pack for last. However, that does not mean it isn’t important. In fact, when one starts to pack up their garage they typically find items they thought they lost or items of importance that they need.

So how do you make garage packing manageable? Here are the top 10 tips to pack a garage:

  • Remove electronic items and power cables: Unplug all the electronic items in your garage from the power sockets. Keep the cables safely folded into plastic bags to prevent tangling.
  • Bundle the brooms, shovels etc: Items with long handles and sticks such as brooms, mops, shovels, etc., need to be bundled together prevent them from hitting any important items in the moving vehicle.
  • Remove fuels from power tools: Any power tool in your garage functioning on oil or gas must be drained before moving. This prevents any dangerous situation that might arise with these items being transported. It can also prevent any items being damaged by leaking fuel or oil.
  • Cover the sharp edges: Items with sharp edges or blades could be hazardous when moving, thus it is important to keep this essential tip of covering the sharp edges, in mind. It is better to use blanket wraps, towels, or any thick material to safely cover the blades etc.
  • Use small boxes for heavy tools: This is one of the tried and tested methods to stack heavy tools, safely. Use small boxes and cartons for heavy tools and fill the empty space with paper or cardboard to keep all of them in place and prevent rattling.
  • Remove cushions from lawn items: Separately pack cushions to save them from blotches or tearing of cloth. Keep the cushions safely with cotton sheets, etc.
  • Empty the grill before packing it: When moving grills, it is important to first empty them. This is to prevent the charcoal from getting smeared all over as you pack your garage items to move house. If it is a gas grill make sure you remove the propane tank as moving companies will not load it in their trucks. You can either give the tank to a friend, risk the drive with a tank full of propane or release all of the gas and transport an empty tank.
  • Save the small and fragile pots first: While it may be difficult for you to pack up all of the pottery in a safe packing, do so for small and fragile pots. They must be cushioned with packaging to keep them safe.
  • Buy bicycle boxes: Bicycle shops offer boxes for them and it is better to purchase them when packing your garage. However it could be tricky for some for which it is better to get professional help.
  • Never miss out on labeling and bubble wrap: Your garage is replete with numerous items all of which will be stacked in similar cartons and boxes. It is important to be organized with your labeling either by color or categorizing your items. Also, keep a good amount of bubble wrap for various small and fragile items.

Packing your garage can be a daunting task, as many of us tend to use our garages as storage. You don’t know how much stuff you have until it is time to pack it all. You can use this time to purge or donate items you no longer need.

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